What is Sport Psychology?

Sport psychology is the knowledge, application and development of the mental aspects of sport and the athlete/team that enhance performance.  A sport psychologist works with athletes, teams and squads, performance directors and coaches.

Every type and level of performer and athlete can benefit from sport psychology and achieve PINNACLE PERFORMANCE. 

Athletes often work on the physical, technical and tactical aspects of their sport but can often neglect the mental skills as there is the perception that these are innate and all athletes should possess these skills and be expert in their application.  This is just not the case. 

You have to know what the skills are, practice and refine these skills and then implement them into training and competition gaining experience of their use in the sports environment.  Do this and an athlete can achieve PINNACLE PERFORMANCE.

Neglecting one aspect could be the difference between winning and losing and the sporting environment is very complex with many factors contributing to success, winning and reaching PINNACLE PERFORMANCE.  Lots of things can go wrong.  Preparation and self awareness as essential and these skills and qualities are the first step towards PINNACLE PERFORMANCE and a sport psychology can help with this.  BASES provides a additional information (see the link below) on what sport psychology is and the roles sport psychology practitioners undertake.  This page also has links to organisations involved with sport psychology


What is Business Psychology?

At Pinnacle Performance we believe Business Psychology is about maximising the people who work in an organisation. We achieve this by:

Developing organisational structures, processes and environments to suit the development of teams.

Assessing and developing cohesive and supportive team dynamics. 

Ensuring individual team members are functioning efficiently and happily within the team.

The mental side of sport determines the outcome of competition.  The thoughts you have influence your performance and so influence the outcome of the game.

Play to win and not Play to lose.

What is Sport Psychology? | Self Talk| Mental Skills

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