The Journey: The Elements for Success, Winning and Increased Performance

The Journey is a book thatintroduces thekey building blocks and principles to allow you to move forward on your individual Journey.  It brings together theory and experience from elite sport, business, education and the military to give you an insight into usable strategies you need to get further than you can ever comprehend.  

 Journey is a metaphor for the never ending process of improvement which will ultimately lead to individual success.

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Everything we do in life whether professionally, personally, socially or just for a hobby is a Journey.  As with any Journey you need to keep moving forward no matter how fast.  But sometimes things can get in the way and slow you down.

The Journey gives you everything you need to keep moving forward and overcome the things that get in the way and is presented in an informative, personable and relaxed way using a range of real life examples from business, education, sport and the Military and gives metaphors to help reinforce concepts.

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Click here to access the Journey Companion Page which supports the book.  This page contains diagrams and additional content on the Building Blocks and Principles outlined in the Journey.

So what do you need for your Journey toward success?

The answer is the Building Blocks of Belief, Awareness and Balance along with the Principles that influence these of Hard Work, Extending Your Comfort Zone and Controlling the Controllables.

The content of this book has come from working with many high performing individuals and teams in sport, business and education and is grounded in theory from sport, business and performance psychology.

Using the Journey will help you increase your chances of success, winning and improvement in everything you do.

This is not another self help book or textbook but a guide that will help you on your Journey.

This book gives you the information and strategies to have the belief, understanding, and awareness to take control of your journey to individual success

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Journey is a self published book aimed at everyone interested in being successful but in particular those involved:

  • in sports (athletes and coaches) at every level from amateur to elite in any sport (e.g. football, cricket, basketball, tennis, boxing, etc).

  • in business whether you run your own company or in management leading a team.

  • in education at institution level (school, colleges, universities) to individual tutors, teachers, lecturers and mentors who want to provide students with strategies to maximise performance in exams, coursework and employment.

  • in self - development and who want to achieve goals, targets and objective you have set.

Below is a review from one of people asked to sample the book before release.  His background is in training personal trainers and physiology.

"The apparent and consistent theme that runs through this book is passion.  The author's genuinely care about the Journey, not just the destination.

Written succinctly and in a manner that suits not just the academic or coach, but the athlete and general public.  This book is a must read for anyone who wants to improve their success in what they do.

The use of quotes throughout the book are used in context and add value to the arguments made, not just 'sound bytes' for the sake of page filing.  The varied sources (coaches, academics, scholars and athletes) allow for a diverse perspective on self-development

A MUST READ!"                        

- Lee Bell - Lead Tutor, Envisage Training  

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The Journey will help you get to the top of the mountain where success and your chance to win is waiting!

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
The Journey written using sport and performance psychology principles