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Effective teams are developmental, engaging and produce wins for both team members and the business.  The activities in the PINNACLE PERFORMANCE Team Development Kit are designed to develop and establish these principles in your team and leadership training. 

This selection of videos demonstrates how to use the PINNACLE PERFORMANCE Team Development Kit to promote the key team building and leadership skills.  

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Constructing the Square - Team Effectiveness Activity

Increasing team effectiveness through supporting team members and developing awareness is essential.  This two part activity improves  team reliance and team cohesion.

 Code Breaker - Team Communication Activity

Communication within teams should be Clear, Concise and Simple. This activity improves communication by demanding that the team produce an effective communication strategy to break the code.  

3D Construction - Team Communication Activity

Performing teams need to develop the ability to plan, continually reassess and improve. This activity develops these skills by challenging the team to  construct a precise 3D model in 2 minutes or under after their  first attempt.  

Toxic Waste - Develop Patience and Coordination

Performing teams understand each others needs and when needed help each other to achieve the task.  This activity involves two teams working together to transport and decontaminate toxic waste under the control of the team leader

Undoing The Birds Nest - Lateral Thinking and Effective Communication

Experienced teams save time by problem solving while on task. This activity involves the teams working together to undo knots that have formed in a rope. Under the control of the team leader they must undo the knots using lateral thinking and clear verbal communication.  Watch out for confusion!

Pass The Tube - Concentration, Refining Processes and Coordination

Performing teams show an ability to concentrate on task and look for improvement.  This activity helps the team practice these skills by passing a tube around the team un a particular manner within a time frame.  The more the team concentrate on task and redefine processes the faster they will become.

Pass Through The Hoop - Share Ideas, Show Patience and Support.

This activity expects the team to develop a technique to pass through a hoop.  As the hoop moves around the team members theywill be expected support colleagues with verbal hints and motivation to help them achieve the task. 

Fluid Moves

Teams need to evolve efficient strategies by using trial, error and effective planning.

Lap Dance

This is a great energiser to get teams in the mood for more difficult tasks, it is a great way to introduce the importance of trust and working together

Receive the ball how?

Effective teams consistently produce efficiency, collaborative working and creativity this activity is a great way to introduce these concepts.

Moving The Square

Effective teams are able to separate larger complex tasks into achievable stages and pick the correct members to concentrate on each stage, this activity introduces a 3 stage process which the team need to manage correctly in order to achieve the task.

Skis & Defuse the Bombs

Effective teams know the value of planning, coordination and precise control.  These activities give teams a chance to practice these skills in a way that will stick in the memory.  This activity also includes a short debrief.

 Floor Combinations

A fun and energetic energiser to get teams motivated to carry out more in depth activities.  This activity also shows a short debrief.

Careful Steps

A good energiser to help develop the teams appreciate the importance of clear communication and trust.  This activity also includes a short debrief.

 Now You See It Now You Don't

A team memory activity to help develop the teams ability to split up large problems making them more manageable, and share information to develop solutions.  This activity shows a short brief anddebrief.

 Herding Sheep

Effective teams accept that decisions made at higher levels are developed from a clearer view of the situation.  This activity develops;  trust that the leader has the teams best interests at heart and the leaders clarity of instruction. This activity shows a brief, debrief facilitator observations and team members grading their team leader.

Back To Back

Spiders Web - Problem Solving Activity

The ability to solve problems by using the collective team abilities is a key requirement for effective teams.  This activity requires the team to use these differences in size, strength and ability effectivly to move the team through the spiders web.

 The Snake - Learning to Controlling the Controllable's

Effective teams are able to control elements within their control (e.g. effort, work rate, communication).  This activity challanges  teams to control the controllable's when moving the snake through the maze.

 Towers - Problem Solving

Efficient teams need to develop effective problem solving skills while the managing conflict that changing priorities can cause.  This activity asks teams to quickly reconstruct a tower using a defined process.

River Bank - Improve Listening and Reaction 

Effective teams should try to enjoy working together when situations allow.  River / Bank is a great activity to have fun in a competitive situation which involves reacting quickly to the leaders orders.  Find out who is the fastest to react in your team

 Exposure - Reliance on Each Other 

Teams that show the ability to rely on each other save time and money.  This is possible because individuals are able to concentrate on their role knowing others will do the same. This activity involves teams working together to build a shelter, however every member has a disability to deal with.  Success is possible if teams show they con be relied on to carry out their role and then provide support to others.

The Reaper - Trust, Coordination

Effective teams understand the importance of working together and trusting each other to achieve the task. This activity team working together to demonstrate an effective process for passing a tube under then over the team in the shortest time.  Watch out for banged heads!

The Great Escape

Energisers are a great way of getting teams and ready to do more complicated activities.

Pole Pressing

 Effective teams understand the need to plan and then work together to evolve plans when the task is in operation. This activity gets teams thinking how they can work efficiently together to support all the poles in the fastest time

Twenty Squares

Experienced teams know to expect change and deal with it. this activity is a great way to introduce the  importance of re-engineering to deal with change.

Stack Em High

This is great activity to stress the importance of planning before action. If the teams rush into action without considering the task and resources available they will not be able to build the tallest tower.  This video also includes an example of a debrief post activity.

Advanced Helium Shapes

My extension exercise to Helium Tube, much more precise control skills are needed to keep the shapes parallel to each other while been lowered smoothly to the floor.  This activity shows an example of a debrief of the task and a review of the leaders performance.

 Walk the V's

This is a fabulous activity to help teams practice planning, construction, persaverance and commitment to action!  This activity includes a short example of a brief and a debrief.

 Carpet Flip

Thinking outside the box is an essential attribute for effective teams, this activity helps teams develop solutions to what appears to be a difficult problem.  This activity shows a short debrief.


Team collaboration and cohesiveness are great attributes to develop in teams. This activity shows teams trying to develop effective systems of work and combining efforts to succeed in the task.  The activity also shows a debrief after the activity. 

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Trangram Challenge

Twelve Pole Construction