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It's Never Too Late is a video of contents of a motivational talk David gave at the Mayoress at Home event at Dewsbury Town Hall on 12th September 2015 in aid of Diabetes UK.  David talked around that is never too late to start something new and this is important on your Journey.  He also talked about how this linked to motivation and fear of failure.

Podcasts with David Harrison from Pinnacle Performance

David had the pleasure on talking to Isaac Byrd (@isaacByrd), an NFL veteran, for his podcast; Unlocking the Minds of Athletes.  The podcast was released on 29/4/15.  

During the podcast we discuss the phrase 'mentally tough' and dealing with success and not just failure in sport. We also talk about strategies to eliminate negative thinking after making a mistake during competition.

You can listen to the podcast episode here:  

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David sat down and spoke with Adam Morris from BelievePerform.  During the podcast we discussed sport psychology with elite football and duty of care with young footballers as part of David's role as Head of Psychology for Doncaster Rover's Academy.

You can listen to the podcast here:  

Published Work by David Harrison

David has self published his first book titled the Journey: The Elements for Success, Winning and Increased Performance (You can find out more about the Journey by clicking on the tab at the top of the page).  The book is based on his experiences from elite sport, business and education and uses various examples from these performance environments to reinforce the points in the book.

You can buy a copy of the Journey here: 

David has also wrote a book review for The Sport Psychologist (TSP).  

See the reference list below for the reference.

Reference List

Harrison, D. (2015). The Journey: The Elements for Success, Winning and Increased Performance. Sheffield: Pinnacle Performance

Harrison, D. (2011). Case Studies in Coaching: Dilemmas and Ethics in Competitive School Sports. [Review of the book Case Studies in Coaching: Dilemmas and Ethics in Competitive School Sports, by Timothy M. Baghurst, T.M and Parish, A.] The Sport Psychologist, 25, p.398 – 399.

Articles by David Harrison

David has published regularly for sport psychology website BelievePerform (formally known as SportinMind) .

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David has also wrote an article for Coach and Athlete online magazine based in the USA on sport psychology. 

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