Do You Want Us To Run Your On Site Team Building Leadership Development 


Do You Want To Train Train Your Staff To Deliver The Training?

Our Courses Are Ideal For:

Small businesses planning to develop their team and leadership skills.

Teachers and Lecturers wanting to engage and energise students - PSHE, Leadership, Management, Public Services or Business Studies Programs

  • All equipment is provided     
    •  All activities are risk assessed  
      • Our Delivery Team are fully insured and CRB checked

Why Not Let Us Deliver Your Team Building Session Or Leadership Development Session For You ?


Designed To Help Your Team: 

Get To Know Each Other | Work Together | Overcome Problems | Develop Cohesiveness | Develop Leadership Skills and Learn

Our team building sessions include a full day of activities selected with your planned outcome in mind.

We rely on you to select a session outcome and we then personalise your event to provide a stimulating session for your team.

Possible outcomes include:

  • Understanding and developing teamwork skills
  • Developing team communication skills (briefing, idea generation planning debriefing and reflecting)
  • Improving relationships
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Raising self esteem

Onsite venue requirements - A large classroom or meeting room will be sufficient for most of our activities. Use of an outdoor tennis court size space or an indoor hall would be ideal so that we are not at the mercy of the weather.

Staff support - improve your staff / student relationships, by having a member of staff join in on the activities. Staffing requirements will depend on your students, the type of activities you wish to provide and on the number of our instructors your budget can afford.

In House Training 

£400 per day for up to 5 Delegates


Or Why Not Train Your Staff to deliver  Your Own Team Building Session Or Leadership Development Sessions ?


Staff Training Days:

Save your money by training your own staff to deliver your team building and leadership development sessions.

Pinnacle Performance manufacture and supply  a quality team building kit which includes over 50 activities for businesses, primary and secondary schools to develop their teams.

Our comprehensive training day will be run by our fully qualified and experienced staff, who will deliver your Team Development Kit and spend the day training your staff in:

  Delivering effective team building and leadership development sessions.

Use, maintenance and familiarisation the Team Development Kit

Use of the Team Development Kit Club resources

Staff Training Days 



The supply and delivery Of one Team Development Kit

Membership to the Team Development Kit Club

The training of up to 6 delegates