The Strategy for Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final 2012 is simple. When he plays Rodger Federer he needs to manage andcontrol the pressure of the occasion. There will be millions watching as 'Murray Fever' sweeps the nation as he plays in the final with the hope of winning for the first time since Fred Perry in 1936.  

There are two strategies for Andy Murray to manage the pressure.  The first, in the preparation for today's final and during the match he needs to control the controllables. He needs to maintain control and influence of the things he is able to control.  During the game he needs to play like a child in the park.  This will reduce the impact of pressure.  Secondly, by playing the game like a kid he will reduce the fear fact and the associated pressure.  This will allow him to play his natural game as he could use all the images he has produced over the years of this game and of himself winning. He would have imagined himself playing the perfect game and he could ride pressure of the occasion as this is what he has been working for since he started playing tennis.

If Andy Murray can control the controllables and play like a kid in the park he has every chance of winning Wimbledon 2012.