You need to understand the journey, you need to understand that the journey never ends you have to keep moving forward.  This is awareness of the world that you live in. There are times when you feel like you are so close and then something outside of your control moves the goal posts.  This happens a lot, this happens constantly.  Early in your career this feels like a kick in the teeth. You are so close yet so far from the goal you have set yourself.  It is like a mirage in the desert you think you have the goal only to find it is still a long way off.  The key to understanding the journey is to be aware that the journey never ends.  You need to develop positive reference points to check in to ensure you are on the right track. Very much like the Captain of a ship checking his map to make sure he is on the right course.  

If you have changed course you can quick get back on track without losing too much time.  You also need to trust you sub-conscious to make the right decisions on these reference points as sometimes these are unknown. This is uncomfortable but the only way to appreciate the journey is complete it at the edge of you comfort zone. Like a car you move faster in the higher gears (further from your comfort zone).  By doing this you will keep moving at a steady rate but there will be times when this feels good and you feel strong and then there will be times when you feel the opposite.  This is natural, there will be peaks and troughs.  The key is to keep moving forward and when you feel uncomfortable and feel fear to use the reference points from earlier in the journey to reinforce that is can be done. When you feel fear just keep moving and developing. As Abraham Lincoln said; 

"I will prepare and some day my chance will come." 

You need to keep reading, developing and improving and trust that your time will come and but it won't be the end of the journey.  The journey never ends.  The journey requires hard work (all successful people who have been aware of the understanding of the journey have emphasized this) and motivation to keep moving toward a goal.  Whilst focusing on the goal always keep the goal after the goal in mind (remember the journey never ends!).  To keep the journey fun and enjoyable and keep the motivation high during the hard work be creative and innovative.  This may even get you to your goal quicker and then you can move onto the next part of your journey.