On the final day of League 1 11/12 football season 2 teams are fighting for promotion to the Championship. To compound matters the 2 teams are city rivals, members of the Steel city, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United. The Owls versus the Blades, the Blues versus the Reds. On the penulitmate round of fixtures Sheffield United were in the driving seat but a disappointing draw at home and an away win for Sheffield Wednesday switched the positions and put the Owls on top.  Today sees both teams playing against already relegated teams with nothing but pride to play for. Both Sheffield football teams, on the other hand, have everything to play for. This raises some interesting issues from a sport psychology perspective of football. Both teams have to get a result. This will increase the pressure on the teams. Both teams need to remain focused on Controlling the Conrollables. This means taking care of business in their respective games. Concentrating on the simple things that the players can control that collectively will get the desired result at the end of the 90 minutes of football. They have to go out and just play football, just like they used to do as children in the park, playing without thinking. Both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United need to go out and play to win as opposed to playing not to lose. There is a difference. Playing not to lose against teams that playing just for pride could be a disaster just as much as a disaster if one of the teams plays with a focus on things they can't control. Playing to win, on the other hand, will see teams concentrating on the things needed to win the game, attacking their opponents and stopping them from playing. The team that can best control the controllabes and play to win will be the winner come 5 O'clock this evening.