Sheffield United play Huddersfield town in the League 1 playoff final. The winner will gain promotion to the Npower Championship. Sheffield United need to approach the game in a certain way mentally because as a a club the Blades have not won a play off final on their previous 3 visits.

They need to play the game and not the occasion (A colleague of mine used this during a conversion and I think its brilliant) and they need to play to win as opposed playing not to lose.

Playing the game and not the occasion is a great quote and really ties up several issues from a sport psychology perspective in football.  It's a big crowd and a big day out for the fans. There will be pressure and incentives to the winning club, both  from a football point of view and a financial one. This pressure can have a debilitating affect on the players. To overcome  this the Blades must just play the game. Play football like they were children again in the park using jumpers for goal posts. They must play without thinking and let the hours of training they have given to their craft. They do this and the result should take care of itself. They must also control the controllables. Focus on the things that are in their direct control and disregard everything else. The occasion, the opponent, the fans have no bearing on the players performance. They should concentrate on their build up and preparation, their tactics and their technical ability.

They also need to play to win as opposed to playing not to lose. To do this they need to do the above. Play their game to their strengths and which minimises their weaknesses and not to concentrate on the opposition players and tactics.