A couple of things have combined for inspiration for this blog. The first of these was a spiders web in my garden that I saw as I was going to my car one morning. The second is the book The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck.  The spiders web reminded me of the story of the king and the spider. The king was outlawed by an opposing king and was close to defeat.  In his hiding place he witnessed a small spider repeatedly try and fail to spin a web. The spider eventually completed his web and the king took great strength from watching this and the rest as they say is history!  This links to The Road Less Travelled.  In his book Peck suggests that life is hard and when you realise this it doesn't matter that this no longer matters.  To achieve this you need to be disciplined (which is a key skill needed to achieve PINNACLE PERFORMANCE).  Peck suggested ways to become disciplined:


  1. Delay Gratification

  2. Accept Responsibility

  3. Dedication to Truth

  4. Balance

To reach PINNACLE PERFORMANCE is difficult and you need to work hard to achieve it.  This takes discipline and to do this you need to delay gratification. Our modern way of life makes gratification easy and quick, usually at the click of a mouse (Have you ever spent to much time on Facebook or Twitter?). Do the hard things and do these things repeatedly to build solid foundations and when you have done this gratification will come and will be greatly enhanced by the pain of doing the hard hours in the gym or on the training field.  Life was hard for the spider but he persisted and worked until he completed the task at hand and received gratification in the knowledge that he had produced a web.

To reach
PINNACLE PERFORMANCE you also need to accept responsibility. Peck (1990, p.32) suggested 'You cannot solve life's problems except by solving them'. So take responsibility for your actions and your training and do all that is required to be successful, it goes back to Control the Controllables.  After you have done this you must accept the truth which is that it is tough to reach PINNACLE PERFORMANCE and you have to constantly work at it. Just like the spider in the cave. He knew and accepted that he had to solve the problem of making the web and it was this that was in his control so he went out to work and didn't stop until it was completed.

Finally you need to maintain
balance (There will be additional blogs on this important topic in the coming weeks) and as Peck (1990, p.66) highlighted 'discipline itself must be disciplined'. This means that you have to work to be balanced in all aspects of life to develop as an athlete or business person and in life. Have the ability to delay gratification but have fun while you are doing it. The spider was born to spin webs and so he was having fun in doing what he was designed to do and was balanced to know that he could have more fun when the web was complete. Make sure you are balanced and have fun in what you do.