I found this passage from George Leonard in a book on Informal Learning by Jay Cross. It has got significant importance to sport and business psychology.

Leonard said:

1. Stay open to possibilities. The world is feeding you opportunities all the time. Keep your eyes open and you will see them.

2. You need instruction to get the basics, but after that, watch closely and see what works. Don't try to change everything at once - that doesn't work.

3. Learn from accidents. Learn from mistakes, capitalise on them and celebrate the unexpected.

So, Leonard's 1st point suggest that we should live in the moment. The best examples of these are children. We should become child like in our approach and immerse ourselves in our environment living in the present. A child like state will allow us to see these opportunities and then use them to our advantage. To get into this state we have to let go of the past; forget it it's gone; recover and learn from any 'school boy errors' and let these go. Take the learning forward and use this in the present. Use imagery here. If you notice yourself dwelling on the past in a game or competition. Stop take 3 big belly breaths and visualise yourself pushing the past out of your mind so you have empty mind, then visualise a barrier there to stop anything else from entering.To be in the present we need to trust our training we have given our bodies and mind. Everything we have done allows us function on the present and get the desired results.

Similarly don't focus on the 'What if' and the future. The way you can have an influence on the future is if you control the now so get in the present and become child like. The future will take care of itself.

Leonard's 2nd point indicates the need to become fundamentally sound in the skills that are needed to be successful. This will allow us to have strong foundation which we can trust in competition. Get as much information as you can on the environment, learn from mentors, coaches and past experiences. Have the confidence, once you have this foundation is to experiment (like a child) on different strategies to improve performance and thus success.

The final point is key. As creatures our learning strategy is to learn form our mistakes (more on this later!). It is how we improve. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. This goes back to the 1st point of living in the present. Mistakes are part of life but it is how we learn from these and then use this learning that makes winners and success.