The Kit develops mental toughness.  Research into Mental Toughness has identified 4 aspects to mental toughness and the Kit develops all of these within school children.  These are Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.  All of the aspects are essential to develop and promote in young children. These can also be applied to the Building Blocks and Principles I outline in my self published book; the Journey.


The ability to remain in control is key to be being successful in any endeavour.  Your focus has to be on the things you can control, the things you can influence.  This is becoming increasingly difficult to do for young people with the distractions that are available in the modern world with advancements in technology.  Developing mentally tough children will allow them to maintain focus on the things under their control so they can  get things done and remain positive.  The Kit allows children to have control over the task at hand so they develop problem solving skills to complete the task.  They have to use skills under their control like communication, positive outlook, teamwork to complete the task and remain positive.  


The ability to set and commit to a goal is important.  You have to be able to focus on the important steps to achieve the goal; this develops confidence.  Developing commitment also prevents children drifting through life.  Commitment gives the focus to see things through.  The skill of setting goals is a complex skill and often overlooked or not done correctly.  The Kit allows children to set goals correctly to remain focused, work hard and then accomplish these goals. 


The ability to challenge yourself relates to being able to extend your comfort zone, deal with risk and adversity, push yourself into uncomfortable experiences to test your ability.  It is important to challenge children so they extend their comfort zone and learn to take risks so they develop a positive view of challenge by viewing challenges as an opportunity to test, be creative and innovative as opposed to a threat.  This will develop confidence as well as other important skills like creativity, being innovative and risk taking.  The Kit challenges children on every level, extending their comfort zone and forcing them to take risks with tasks that are challenging, engaging and interesting.


To be successful you have to have confidence in your ability to deal with challenges.  You have to able to maintain control and influence others.  Confidence is linked to self-belief and it is this belief that is shown in confident children.  The Kit allows children to develop confidence and in turn their self-belief in their ability to manage and deal with risk involved in successfully completing challenges.  It gives them the confidence to set a goal and then commit to achieving this.