I am sure you do as I do and have signed up to the UK Sport e-letter and spend time looking at the jobs currently available in sport. I do this as a tutor responsible for developing and improving the employability of my students but also with a keen professional interest in my career.  It has been pleasing to see a large number of jobs in sport but I am a little put out by the large number of unpaid internships and voluntary positions in sport science support.  This got me thinking.

Where are the paid jobs in sport science?

How long does a practitioner need to work volunatry?

Is there an expectation that practitioners will do it for the love of sport or the association of working in sport?

Does this large number voluntary position ultimately de value the industry?

Sport is an interesting industry where you often hear the old adage 'it's not what you know; it's who you know' and 'jobs for the boys'. I am passionate about getting my students to extend their networks and find their 'gatekeepers' as a way to get the position they want that pays enough to forge a career in the industry.  This is something I have actively done is to work on my network and this has started to pay dividends.  I have had to work for 5 years with a range of sports, clubs, athletes in a voluntary capacity.  I understand the need for this and I have learnt some much from these experiences but working voluntary doesn't pay the bills and I have been in a good position that I have had a full time job which is linked.  Students and young practitioners need to be aware of the length of time you need to spend in these voluntary positions and amount of time it takes to have learnt enough of your craft to be in a position to get payment.  Its also interesting speaking to people from other industries. I speak to my dad and he is payed for the work he does.  A builder doesn't build you a wall to show you he can build so you can employ him in future to build more walls! 

In sport is it a case of survival of the fittest and the environment can not or doesn't want to sustain to many practitioners?

I would be interested in people's views on these questions.