Awareness is one of the most essential components of success and for winning in football. As a football manager you need to be aware of yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your philosophy of coaching and your beliefs. You also need to be aware of the environment in which you find yourself managing.  Finally you need to be aware of the competition and the other teams in the division to ensure that give your team the best chance of success.  Sean Dyche, manager of Burnley Football Club has demonstrated excellent awareness throughout this promotion campaign.  In an interview for ITV Sport (see link below) Sean Dyche made constant reference to the reality of it following the Burnley’s promotion.  This demonstrates his awareness of the situation and the journey he and the club are making.  In this interview he also indicated that he used a thorough PowerPoint to demonstrate his awareness skills to the board during the selection process for the job. 

He has been acutely aware of what is needed for success in the environment that he finds himself which is leading a team; namely managing a championship football team in a small town in the north-west of England. He is aware that Burnley is unique in the fact that the club and the town are so intricately linked. The club is the town and the town is the club so when one is successful the other is successful and emphasized this in an interview following promotion.

“This is the people’s club and the club belongs to the people. They do complement each other and that’s getting harder to find in football because the corporate and financial side of things… The football club is a massive part of the town and the town is a massive part of the football club, and that connection is there. Really we’ve just enhanced it. It has always been there for 132-years.”

Sean Dyche is aware of the financial implications of working in a small north-west town and how to manage that with regard to the success on the pitch by being very shrewd in the transfer market spending money only on what he needs to. This is compared to some of the other teams in the division that have spent lots of money. He is also firmly aware of his philosophy on how to lead and manage a team. He is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his players and how to compete against the opposition using the players strengths. Within this philosophy he is aware that you need to work hard, extend your comfort zone, and maintain control of the things within your power by controlling the controllables.

This philosophy allows that the team and the manager maintain a present thinking approach where they concentrate only on the present and disregard the past and the future. This is demonstrated in some of the quotes from Sean Dyche including being relentless and taking one game at a time.  He has instilled this philosophy into his players and this has spread to the fans. This mantra of one game at a time and controller controllables is seen in every game that Burnley play.  This is encapsulated extremely well in an interview Sean Dyche did with BBC Radio Lancashire following promotion (see link below).

Awareness will be essential to Burnley Football Club next season when they play Premier league football. In the off-season the manager will take time to become aware of where he needs to improve on and off the pitch to make Burnley competitive whilst maintaining an awareness of the financial restraints and the environment in which he works.  In the ITV interview he has already shown his awareness of this new environment and the implications this has for Burnley.  This will be achieved by maintaining the hard work and present thinking approach next season. This will be achieved by maintaining high levels of awareness.