A couple of weeks ago I came across this interview (see link below) with the Burnley manager Sean Dyche.  Dyche is in the process of negotiating the transition from Premier League football to the competitive Championship. Despite this, Dyche maintains a consistent philosophy around the mentality of the club. The interview highlighted this philosophy and reinforces some of the Principles and Blocks Blocks from the Journey. These being the Building Block of belief and the Principles of Control the Controllables and Hard Work.

With regards to belief it is clear from the interview that Dyche has lots of belief in himself and his players as he, as the interview highlights, goes about challenging stereotypes and working with a team that has lost some key players. 

He talks about consistency and mentality with the phrase "seeing through the noise" being used. This quote is excellent when describing the importance of control. Dyche has to focus on the elements under his and the football clubs control. Everything else has to be discarded. Other quotes that emphasise the importance of control are "Remove the Excuses" and "Clarity of Purpose". Both of these point to the notion that focus must be internal and on the things we can't control (I really like all these quotes and think there will be more posts on these!).

Finally, The interview talked about consistency. To be consistent in anything is hard work and takes lots of planning which is also hard work. Burnley, whilst in the Premiership, were praised on the field for their incredible work rate. This work rate is exactly the same off the pitch with the manager and the support staff. Hard work develops consistency as you work to develop areas of weakness and to maximise the strengths that you have. This is done through the control that we've already mentioned and also through effective planning.

Hopefully Dyche and his team can maintain strong positive beliefs, plan effectively, work hard and maintain control to win promotion back to the premiership.