Sean Dyche is manager of Burnley football club and one of the brightest young English managers in the game. He has shown excellent leadership qualities throughout the 2013/14 Championship season. Burnley are on the brink of Premier league football next year with just one win needed to guarantee football in the Premier league for the second time in their illustrious history.  ‘Ginger Mourinho’ (or should Mourinho be known as ‘Silver Dyche’?) as he is known to the fans has been nominated for manager of the month a record three times so far this season.  Throughout his tenure at Burnley Sean Dyche has demonstrated the building blocks needed for success in football and the principles that work with them. These include belief, awareness, and balance with the principles controlling the controllables, hard work and extending the comfort zone in which you operate.

As with any football club when Sean Dyche became manager he entered a very complex environment.  For example the fans have been wary of new managers coming in to the club after a previous manager (labeled as God by the fans) left and turned his back on the club after setting out a long term philosophy to establish Burnley as a Premier League club.  He has also had very limited funds to utilise to bring in new players when compared with other teams in the division.  As a result he has had to work with a very small squad of professional players and the club have operated with one of the smallest squad in the championship and were favourites to be relegated at the start of this season.  I think he was very aware of this when he was appointed and set out, and maintained, his philosophy of operating.  He has controlled his reaction to these circumstances and turned these perceived (by some) weaknesses into his advantage. 

When talking to the press Ginger Mourinho gives an excellent overview of his managerial and leadership style and talks extensively about belief, philosophy, hard work and demonstrates an awareness of what is needed to compete at the Championship Level.  He also mentions cohesion and the small squad he works with and the need for all these individuals of a team to pull together as one to achieve targets set out at the start of the season. He has got individual players to pull together and buy into his philosophy and tactics to ensure that 11 players play as one every single game.  To do this he has clearly assigned roles and responsibilities for each player and makes every member of the squad feel appreciated and wanted.  He has also ensured that the players play in the present and they only consider a game at a time.

His philosophy of playing is underpinned by his beliefs. He has also instilled a strong positive belief in his players by providing them with regular strong positive reference points that they can refer to maintain confidence. This is seen when Burnley go one goal down the team pull together to drive on to compete to get back into the game.  Sean Dyche is very aware of what is needed to be successful and compete at the highest level in the Championship. He is aware of his player’s strengths and areas of development.  He works on those areas of development in training and uses tactics to play to the team’s strengths during competitive fixtures.  He also has an awareness of the opposition and their strengths but maintains his focus on his players strengths (which is another reference point for them to use to maintain confidence).  This demonstrates the great job Sean Dyche is doing of controlling the controllables.  This is further supported by the fact he very rarely criticises referees. His team plays with balance and he seems a very balanced individual, always smiling and enjoying his job. His teams work incredibly hard for each other and the objectives they and the manager have set out and this is seen in their performances where they work tirelessly up to the final whistle. With his philosophy and beliefs Sean has managed to extend the comfort zone of some of the players to ensure that they're playing the best football of their careers.  Consequently Sean Dyche has developed a team through his leadership style that uses the blocks of belief, awareness and balance and the principles of hard work, extending the comfort zone and controlling the controllables to exceed expectations of most (apart from Sean Dyche and the Burnley players) to sit in second position with just a win needed to achieve Premier League football next season.