The media focus on pressure (whether that is right of wrong for our GB athletes) and sport psychology in elite sport at the start of the 2012 Olympics has been high and its nice to see the mental skills of sport getting attention.  I heard whilst watching the Olympic coverage that elite athletes should already have the skills and knowledge to deal with the pressures of competition, this is true in some cases. Some are better than others whilst need to practice and develop them (hopefully this has been done before the start of the games!).  Others will need help to 'repair' and refine these skills if they go wrong.  So there is a role for a sport psychologist in elite support teams.  This is reinfoced by the role of Dr. Steve Peters in GB cycling. 

Every athlete is different when it comes to this pressure.  All athletes will need to control the controllabes.  The athletes need to develop a mind set of playing like child and to play in present where the Olympic final is just another race. This is easier said than done and very difficult because its the pinnacle of the athletes sporting careers.  It seems that a number of athletes have taken this and embraced the pressure and will attempt to ride the pressure created by the media and the fact its a home Olympics.  To do this they understand this is the pinnacle and that it is an Oylmpics and there is expectation and that they have been working to this for many years.  This is a better mind set to have which is to go out with and to enjoy the experience (of which the pressure is part) and understand this is the top of the mountain so enjoy the view and work hard to stay there.