One of the key skills a student of sport psychology needs is to have the confidence to seek out answers from different places. To think beyond the mental skills and the theories they have been given throughout their education. I have heard this skill likened to 'going to different floors of the learning centre' (LRC).  This is something I pass onto my students.  They need to think 'outside the box' and think laterally to find answers and link concepts to together. They need to be creative. It's a little bit like learning to drive, they say when you learn to drive to learn to pass your test and then you actually learn to drive for real.  This is certainly something I feel from my education in sport psychology. I had a big teaching of mental skills (which have their place!) but as soon as I started working with athletes in the field I realised that this background wouldn't always work and I had to look elsewhere for the answers.

Imagine you are doing an essay on working/coaching children then after the coaching literature you could visit different parts of the LRC like the teaching, business and counseling to help you find your answer and support your points.  If you are coaching you will be teaching, if you are working with children there maybe an element of counseling involved in your work. As students, practitioners and professionals we have to be receptive to what other industries are doing and use ideas.  There is so much cross over between sport and other industries that it would wrong not to consider good practice from other areas and visit different parts of the LRC. Doing this will help the sport industry grow and develop and move away from blinkered opinions that there perhaps was.