I heard this recently in an interview with Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche and I love the term.  For me, the term encapsulates how you should taylor your preparations to work toward your objectives and goals.  I often call this setting “semi flexible” goals.  This means that you have a target and set course to achieve it but how you achieve it and how you get there isn’t as important.  You have to trust the process that; if you do this the goal will take care of itself.  It means that you have to adapt, be flexible and modify your actions to get the job done.  You can’t join the gaps before the start you or when you finish and achieve your target will you know what your dots were but you’ve trusted the process and your preparations and you have made it happen.

This framework of freedom is seen in everywhere nature.  Animals and plants have a framework in which they can survive and live and then to thrive (isn’t there a surge in the slug population this spring because of the conditions?).  This is the framework needed to survive and thrive.  There is an ability to adapt to the environment to maximise the chances of survival (the main objective of any animal or plant).  When these have been achieved you can look to thrive.
We all need this framework when we are woking towards our targets and objective and when we work to this framework it and achieve the prerequisites it then allows us to express.  We can’t be too rigid that you can’t adapt.  If we are we will fail.  So, always allow yourself to play the environment to give you the best chance of being successful.
In football, the framework allows you to play with freedom in order to achieve your target but also, where appropriate, express yourself.  The framework allows you to manage this freedom and then reign it in where needed to become difficult to beat.  In a team sport like football this is achieved when everyone knows their role, trusts their teammates and the plan but also, as individual players, know their own ability (awareness) and trusts their skills and qualities.