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The Importance of Experience - Olympics 2012

Posted by David Harrison on Saturday, August 4, 2012, In : Learning 
Sir Steve Redgrave highlighted in a recent interview during the rowing at the London 2012 Olympics the importance of experience. This is also backed up learning theory which reinforces that the best way to learn is through experiential learning i.e. experience.  Within training and the build up to major competitions a coach should build in simulations and situations that replicate as closely as possible the environment and competition that the athletes will face.  This may be difficult especi...
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What is Sport Psychology?

Posted by David Harrison on Friday, July 20, 2012, In : Learning 
Sports performers seeking a competitive edge know that sport psychology plays an important role in maximising performance.  To understand the importance of psychological preparation and control in both individual and team sports a number of factors must be explored.  While sports performance is reliant on the correct training and nutritional strategy, it is also important that the athlete is appropriately motivated, has control of their arousal levels, is confident of success, has the appropr...
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The Importance of becoming child like in our approach to Success and Winning

Posted by David Harrison on Sunday, May 13, 2012, In : Learning 

I found this passage from George Leonard in a book on Informal Learning by Jay Cross. It has got significant importance to sport and business psychology.

Leonard said:

1. Stay open to possibilities. The world is feeding you opportunities all the time. Keep your eyes open and you will see them.

2. You need instruction to get the basics, but after that, watch closely and see what works. Don't try to change everything at once - that doesn't work.

3. Learn from accidents. Learn from mistakes, cap...

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The Journey: The Elements for Success, Winning and Increased Performance in Sport, Business and Life

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