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Confidence in Football

Posted by David Harrison on Sunday, April 21, 2013, In : Confidence 

"Confidence is contagious” - Vince Lombardi.

Confidence for a football player is subjective and can increase and decrease quickly. You can be confident in one situation but not others, this is contagious so it must be managed.  This management can be improved by gaining more experience in a football environment and then using positive reference points that are gained from these experiences.  There are two types of confidence; Training Confidence and Match Confidence.  The first is being co...

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Confidence – An Essential Ingredient to Success

Posted by David Harrison on Monday, May 23, 2011, In : Confidence 

 Confidence is arguably the most essential ingredient to success.  Confidence is in ones ability and skills are paramount in order to survive and be successful in any performance domain.  Look at Kobe Byrant (LA Lakers basketball player) and Lebron James as two great examples.  Both players demand the ball when the game is on the line because they have complete confidence in their ability to make that shot and win the game.  Their team mates also have confidence in them that they can make the...

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The Journey: The Elements for Success, Winning and Increased Performance in Sport, Business and Life

David Harrison Using sport psychology principles and performance psychology strategies from elite sport and business this blog highlights the elements needed for success, winning and increased performance. Whether lacking motivation, struggling to manage pressure or loss of confidence; the posts in this blog can help.

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