Self belief is the most important aspect of being successful in sport, business and education.  Without it no one will be able to reach and then maintain PINNACLE PERFORMANCE.  This belief influences everything you do and so it must be positive to feed your actions.  Like the plant food you give your house plant which stimulates growth and allows the plant to make the best of the window sill you have placed it on.
Without this plant food the plant would just exist and not thrive.  Like the plant on your window sill your belief needs to be positive and be fed regularly by the reference points which maintain it.  So self belief needs to be fed positive reference points to maintain its position otherwise it will inhibit or even stop you from moving forward. Positive reference points that are reinforced regularly give a stronger belief (Like the analogy I used in my previous blog on belief that used the kitchen table top as the belief and the legs as the reference points). Be an optimist and concentrate on your strengths; be half full.

Be aware of your areas of development but focus on your strengths.  Your references points can be developed by words. These are the words you use to describe your belief and your performance. So words make reference points.  You are what your words say you are.  You have control. So feed your belief with positive words. Do this regularly, do it every day.  Use strong positive words to 'big up' your strengths; to exaggerate them. Use words to turn your weaknesses into positive strengths. If you are small how can you use this to your advantage? Turn your weaknesses into an advantage and then are they still weaknesses?  Have some fun with this.  Remember you are what you say you are! 

Like this picture the little kitten has a belief that it is a big lion and so will act like a big lion. This is the same for the footballer, business man and student. A great exercise is to recollect your best performance and write it down. Use these strong positive words and make your weaknesses strengths.

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