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Framework of Freedom

Posted by David Harrison on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, In : Burnley FC 
I heard this recently in an interview with Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche and I love the term.  For me, the term encapsulates how you should taylor your preparations to work toward your objectives and goals.  I often call this setting “semi flexible” goals.  This means that you have a target and set course to achieve it but how you achieve it and how you get there isn’t as important.  You have to trust the process that; if you do this the goal will take care of itself.  It means that you...

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Musings from Envisage Conference 2016

Posted by David Harrison on Sunday, May 1, 2016, In : Comment 
Recently I attended the first Envisage conference around exercise and fitness.  The first speaker was Dave Hembrough, who is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Sheffield Hallam University and a thoroughly top guy who, when you chat with him, always gives you things to take away and think about.  He gave a great talk around 10 lessons he had picked up from 10 years as an S&C coach working in elite sport.  He has worked in a number of sports including boxing, table tennis and volleybal...

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