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Kobe Byrant and Hard Work

Posted by David Harrison on Saturday, August 29, 2015, In : The Journey 
Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players ever to play the game (some will argue he is one of the greatest in any sport!).

What is the reason?

Why is Kobe Byrant so good?

Is it innate talent?

It's based on an incredible work ethic.  Kobe Byrant understands the importance of HARD WORK. There are lots of stories around Kobe's work rate and work ethic but this story I found on the addicted2success website (the link is below) blew me out of the water.  There is a chapter on hard work in m...

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Sean Dyche and Mentality in Football

Posted by David Harrison on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, In : Burnley FC 
A couple of weeks ago I came across this interview (see link below) with the Burnley manager Sean Dyche.  Dyche is in the process of negotiating the transition from Premier League football to the competitive Championship. Despite this, Dyche maintains a consistent philosophy around the mentality of the club. The interview highlighted this philosophy and reinforces some of the Principles and Blocks Blocks from the Journey. These being the Building Block of belief and the Principles of Control ...

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The Importance of Specific Focus - Sir Bradley Wiggins + Chris Froome Example

Posted by David Harrison on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, In : Mental Skills 
I have come across some examples recently of the real importance of focus and goal setting within different aspects of sport and life and the very real impact focus can have on your chances of success and winning.  

The examples that spring to mind are the world record for the hour by Sir Bradley Wiggins (what an amazing feat and gripping to watch, despite it being essentially just a man cycling around a track for a hour). Sir Brad Wiggins, during his interview for Sky during the coverage emph...

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