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Ryder Cup and Social Cohesion

Posted by Richard Glynn on Saturday, September 27, 2014, In : Team Dynamics and Development 

The Ryder Cup is really showcases the importance of group dynamics to winning teams.


The Ryder Cup is a co-active sport where excellent individual participation is needed but aggregation of total team performance decides the winning team - Social cohesion is of paramount importance to achieving a win.


A team’s performance on the day will be shaped by the social process operating within the both teams and between individual members and the extent they get on with each other on and off the co...

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What is needed to win in the Ryder Cup?

Posted by David Harrison on Thursday, September 25, 2014, In : The Journey 

The Ryder Cup starts tomorrow and this sporting spectacular is going to provide lots examples of the importance of the mental side in winning a major golf tournaments.  I am going to present the importance of the mental skills and qualities needed for a player to be successful in the Ryder Cup.  These elements are outlined in a book I have written (to be published very soon!) on the elements needed for success and winning so what better place to be successful and win than one of the biggest e...

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Awareness - Again! For the Journey

Posted by David Harrison on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, In : The Journey 

Awareness is imperative if you intend to be successful so I am coming back to awareness because it is so important.  Its importance was reinforced when I met and talked with an ex professional footballer is now working extensively with Sporting Chance and a sprint coach who himself has competed nationally (both were ex-students of mine!) about performance.  Awareness is important in any endeavor but we as athletes need to be fully aware of our own strengths and areas of development.  This wil...

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