1 to 1 Sport and Performance Psychology Services

For all of our clients we will work with you to provide a totally individualized approach to ensure we meet your needs.

We will understand your unique requirements and needs and tailor suitable programmes that are based around sport psychology, performance psychology and business coaching.  

We work with you to help you increase your chances of success, winning, and increased performance.

Our work can focus on:

Increasing Confidence | Developing Positive Strong Beliefs | Dealing with Pressure | Recovering from Setbacks | Maximizing Motivation | Fear of Failure |Positive Mindset | Mental Toughness | Mental Skills |  Preparing for Major Events and Competitions | Life Balance.  

If you want to work with us please get in touch

Please get in touch if you would like to the discuss these individual services 

We will work with you and provide:

  • Regular face to face 1 to 1 sessions that fit your needs.

  • Regular Skype/Email/Telephone sessions to support you on your journey.  For example in sport during international competitions or training camps or in business during important business trips and conferences.

We provide a flexible service so we can meet your needs

As a result we are able to travel and can meet you at your preferred location where you are most comfortable.