Welcome to Pinnacle Performance - Sheffield

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we work individually with our clients to maximise performance in competitive environments developing minds and skills to increase chances of success.

Our Services and Products are underpinned by our unique blend of qualifications and experience in sport psychology, performance psychology, team development and education.  

Our services and products can be split into three areas: SportBusiness, and Coaching.

The Journey is our book that highlights the essential Building Blocks and Principles needed to drive you forward.  

Find about the elements of success, winning and enhancing performance.

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We work with clients to manage pressure, achieve balance and reduce the fear of failure in sport, business and every aspect of their lives.

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 In SPORT we work with athletes and teams to: enhance performance, mental skills, self belief, confidence, dealing with pressure, the effects of injury, managing lifestyle and increasing focus.  Please read the testimonials of some of our clients:

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The  Team Development Kit

Offers a fun and engaging platform to develop teams and groups to maximise success by prompting teamwork and effectiveness 

Now: fully mapped to Key Skills, Public Services and PSHE

 Team Development Kit helping you train effective  team skills

Contains over 50 “Out Of The Bag” team building activities

Ideal For Trainers, Teachers And Lecturers